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We truly enjoy seeing a project's life cycle, from the RFQ stage, to final design iterations, material procurement, manufacturing, testing, installation, and finally commissioning.  These projects, regardless of size, provide a nice sense of accomplishment for all involved.  
API Chemical Injection Skid_sm.jpg
Medium Pressure Chemical Inj. Skid
Deep Water Gulf of Mexico

Manufacturing of a 20 ton chemical injection skid, 22' Long x 14' Wide x 13' High, including 2,750 gallons of chemical storage on the upper deck, steps, handrails, and walkways.  Capable of injecting methanol, LDHI, asphaltene inhibitor, and paraffin inhibitor.  Methanol injection capacity of 10 gallons per minute at 13,500 psi.

This package was fully automated with flow transmitters, pressure transmitters, level transmitters, solenoids, and PLC panel with touch screen.  Offshore commissioning support was also provided.

API PLC Panels Midstream - sm.jpg
PLC Panel Manufacturing
Permian - Midstream

API successfully manufactured and tested fifty PLC panels in a four month period for a major Midstream company.  The block valve panels were installed to safely monitor and control three hundred miles of pipeline in West Texas.

The assortment of 240VAC and 480VAC block valve panels included load centers, VFDs, MOV breakers, transformers, enclosure air conditioners, utility receptacles, lighting, UPSs, compact PLCs, and communications equipment.

API Modular Well Panels.JPG
Modular Wellhead Control Panels
West Africa
Instrumentation and Electrical Installation

Successful design, manufacturing, and testing of several large modular wellhead control panels, injection well panels, test panels, workover panels, and fuse plug panels.

$2.5M total value and the panels featured an HPU section with pumps, accumulators, filters, etc.  As well as production shutdown circuits, emergency shutdown circuits, SCSSV outputs, SSV outputs, SDV outputs, timers for closing sequence, and various electro-mechanical devices for remote monitoring and shutdown. 

Complete I&E installation for a large onshore facility including various compressors, coolers, separators, treaters, tanks, heat exchangers, pumps, control panels, and more. 

$1.6M project value and performed safely, on time, and under budget!

Hydraulic Power Unit
Deep Water Gulf of Mexico
quality over qty.JPG
...check back soon for additional project highlights!

This particular HPU featured a stainless steel skid frame/front plate, SS 200 gallon reservoir (with separate clean side and dirty side), 16 GPM hydraulic fluid recirculation pump, 2 GPM 5,000 psi pumps, .6 GPM 10,000 psi pumps, 15 gallon accumulator bank, 5 gallon accumulator bank, and the typical filters, level transmitters, pressure transmitters, pressure relief valves, pressure control valves, gauges, double-block-and-bleed valves, PLC control panel, etc. 

API designers provided 3D modeling of the skid frame, designed the front plate, general arrangement, tag layout showing flow paths, etc.  The pump/motor combos were mounted on a unique heavy-duty stainless steel slide out system which enabled easy access for the offshore maintenance personnel.

API has many interesting projects on the books and we'll continue to post occasional highlights here.  Regardless of size, we strive to stick to the schedule and are detail-oriented throughout every phase of the project.

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