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Humble Beginnings

In 1989, original API founders John Danos and Zach Dominique started out with their tool boxes, know-how, and passion to succeed.  The business was formed in the Lafayette, LA area as American Pneumatics, Inc.  The name was based on the common pneumatic control systems back then and so the acronym would match the American Petroleum Institute, specifically the standards that govern offshore safety systems.


The '95 New-Hires

Business grew and Felix Dominique, former Chevron SCADA Tech, was hired in 1995 to start a New Orleans area operation.  This business unit thrived and Felix went on to manage the entire business and purchased a portion of the company in the mid 2000's.

Back at the headquarters, teenage high school student, Lucas Comeaux, was hired in '95 as a part-time helper.  Lucas steadily gained valuable experience, worked his way up through the company over a couple decades, and eventually was promoted to General Manager.  The role included full P&L responsibilities for Manufacturing, Field Services, and Automation for headquarter-based operations.

Brandon Verret Joins

In 2002, Brandon Verret joined API as a truck driver.  Brandon quickly showed off his mechanical skills, took the initiative to learn new trades in the business, and transferred to a panel technician role in the Manufacturing group.  In 2006 he was promoted to Manufacturing Dept. Manager and has helped execute over $75M in projects over the years, ranging from simple panels to complex million dollar skid packaged automation.

Name Change


The business was successful in adapting to newer technology.  Traditional pneumatic control systems transitioned to electronic control systems, allowing operators to remotely monitor/control facilities, trend data, and optimize production.  Power and lighting, hydraulic power units, chemical injection packages, and many other products and services were being provided.  Therefore, it was past time for a name change.  In 2004 the business was renamed API Control System Solutions.  "API" was kept for name recognition and to continue referencing the HSE critical API standards and recommended practices.

Acquisition by Danos


In 2014, 70+ year old family-owned oilfield service company, Danos, acquired API from Felix Dominique and John Danos.  The main purpose was to add API's I&E Field Services segment to allow for large turnkey Project Services including Fabrication, Construction, Coatings, etc.

Throughout the acquisition and transitional period, the team, led by Mr. Alan Broxson, achieved 100% employee retention.  API continued to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Danos through 2017.  The same group of employees operated as a division of Danos from January '18 to May '19.


New Ownership & Focus



In the spring of 2019, long-time employee Lucas Comeaux was blessed with an opportunity to acquire API back from Danos.  Lucas partnered with long-time API/Danos teammate Brandon Verret, and with support from key stakeholders, the team is positioned to continue providing the quality of service that our customers expect and deserve.  API is now a completely separate entity and no affiliation with Danos.

The name has been simplified to API Control Systems, we have gotten back to the basics, and we are seeing success!


Our purpose is to help others with anything and everything related to control systems.

We will:

  • Work safely.

  • Be professional and fair in all that we do.

  • Have fun.

  • Put back into the company and reward our valuable employees.

American Pneumatics, Inc. (API) is Formed
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Name Change to API Control System Solutions
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Danos, LLC acquires API Control System Solutions
API Control Systems (logo RGB black)2019
Long-time Employees Comeaux and Verret acquire API from Danos.